Day 1: Embarkment

Sunday 26th October, 2014.

At 3:45 pm I head out to my first trip while being in England. I am off to the sites in which many heroic men and women gave their lives to defeat a political war dominated by one ideology and united many countries into stronger allies.

I embark on the 100th anniversary of the Great War. I go to visit Flanders, Belgium and Somme France.

This would be my first time traveling by Ferry, and I am in awe with the size and scoop of this vessel. The P & O will bring me from Hull to Belgium. I have much exploring to do.

My room which was located on the 6th deck of the ship (Blue section) has two bunks dibs on the top bunk :p, it’s very own shower and toilet and a little side table. Haha ships.

Exploring the ship didn’t take long as there really isn’t much to do besides hang out at one of the three bars, or the children’s play area. There was a cinema on board, but seeing all three of the movies, wasn’t really worth the money. The best part is staying outside on the deck. After a little while, I decided that I should indulge in the free buffet, and indulge I did.

After my filling dinner, I went outside on the top deck and sat at the back of the ferry eating my ice cream. The back of the boat was the only place for passengers to say and along the side. Here I sat watching the water and listening to my new music which has been stuck in my head for the past weeks; Fantasia.

The view: night, the weather: cold and windy. The moment: calm and pleasing.

Although I couldn’t see out onto the water besides that which was illuminated by the lights, the stars were out and shinning bright.

I started to play a game with a passing light bowie. 8 seconds it took to flash. This went on for a few kilometers, until that light too was engulfed by the night.

I’m getting cold, I think the night is ending and I’ll be awake early tomorrow.

Good Night.


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