Day 2: ZeeBurgre and Flanders Field War Museum, Belgium

Monday 27th October 2014.

I awoke rather early, about 4 am. To my knowledge it was 4 am, until I realized that France and Belgium, are ahead by one hour, so it was 5am. So what did I do at 5 am, while everyone was asleep? I studied. Doing an online course in special education is rather interesting, and seeing as I have a paper that is due, this gave me sometime to do it.

After finding a nice place to read for an upcoming paper, I decided it was time for the sun to come up. Outside on the deck I managed to get a few shots of the breaking dawn.

Breakfast was nice yet again. I even tried for the first time, a British side dish, Black Pudding. This isn’t actually a pudding like most are use too. This is a cake pastry, with a familiar texture but an acquired taste to it.

Over all my first time on a cruise ship went well, minus a few heavy bumps here and there. Getting off the ship and going through passport was something unexpected. With no instructions on where to go, I just followed the crowd.
Getting to the passport booth, being a Canadian I held up the line, for some reason, they needed to do a thorough scan of me, but all the British was just a glance. Oh well.

Our first destination, was Ypres, or Iepres. MY COW!! (I learned this game just this summer camping. If you see a cow you yell out my cow, and you keep it, until you pass a cemetery, and they die.(In this case, I got a ton of cows…but they died almost right away))

Since leaving the docks, I’ve been doing some readings, I just looked up and realized that we were driving on the right side of the road OMG! and the drivers seat was on the left hand side of the car! Belgium and France is just like Canada! Only two months in the UK and I gt use to the opposite side of driving.

Upon entering Iepers you can automatically notice not only by the sight of the architecture of the buildings but you get this feeling of old, early European-ism. We got off and visited the Flanders Field War Museum. Before now, I was under the impression that anything that had to do with the battle was in the town of Flanders.

The museum as you can was wonderful, old and full of history, some known, some unknown and there was even a modern take on war, which baffled me. The following surroundings, of small chocolate shops, restaurants and clothing were built into the stone architecture.

3:15pm was our time to get on the bus and head to our hotel in Oostende, an hour away. Dinner was at 6 and after we had free time. At dinner, I was sat with a retired couple from Glasgow and another couple from Northern England.
I was the youngest person this trip, as many of the 23 other passengers where in their late 40s-50s. Dinner consisted of leek & pea soup, beef chops with chips and carrots. Dessert I picked the pineapple and whip cream, instead of the cheese and crackers.

After dinner I went on a night walk. Just to the right of my hotel is the Oostende beach. This was a sight to see. The sea was out on low tide and hovering above was a Red crescent moon. I walked along the sand until I found myself at a fair in the center town. This was one of four sections of the fair, and was told that it fan for a whole month, unlike the week fair that is in Hull.


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