Day 5: Home

October 30th 2014.

Over all this trip for the 100th anniversary of the First World War is beyond any words. For me to say this was a great trip and highly recommended to any who gets the chance, especially in the next four years, do it.

However, this trip is very emotional, and with the right tour guide, as Conrad was, it puts a greater connection to mind.

You need to see this trip to live it. Reading from a book or watching a video does not compare to being in the trenches, or seeing the field of holes, or even walk the few meters that both size fought for.

This was a very overwhelming and by the end of each day, my mind was processing everything that I saw. I’m proud that I was able to visit the sites that the Canadians, British and French fought for.

Our last day was free time in Oostende, and I spent the time going to the market and the Cathedral. I found myself sitting on a ledge overlooking the Oostdnde beach. It is a great site to witness, even at the end of Oktober. The weather was peaceful. The sun was bright and hot, gentle wind was blowing and on the beach, numerous people; children playing, walking dogs  or just sitting on the beach enjoying the sun.

If I could move here, this would be a perfect place to live, right on the beach strip and in a lovely town.



Thanks for reading all about my trip 🙂


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